Superdog Tricks

(5 months and older, no prerequisites)

Whether you’re training your dog to walk nicely next to you or training your dog to spin, it’s all the same process. It’s all tricks!!!!

Sometimes people get frustrated when they’re training useful tricks like leash manners.  They might think their dog is being naughty on purpose or might even use a term like “dominant” or “too stupid” to explain why their dog is slow to learn.

But, in Tricks class, no one ever gets frustrated when their dog won’t spin or crawl or carry a basket.  They just think “How can I be a better trainer?” and work harder to help their dog learn.

Tricks class allows you to expand your dog’s repertoire of fun behaviors while improving your own training skills.  Tricks will prepare you to approach any future training challenge with competence and a fun attitude.

In class you will teach your dog silly behaviors like spin, beg, carry a basket, ring a bell, find/retrieve useful objects, object discrimination, canine freestyle moves, and much, much more. Your spinning, hoop-jumpin’, key-retrievin’ hound will be a real doggy superstar after this class!

$210- includes 6 sessions, clicker and target stick

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