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206 291.3989

(If you’d still rather use the form, just scroll down to find it!)

+ Please include your dog’s full name in your initial text so we can add you to our contact list.
+ You will receive a “Thumb’s Up” emoji if your request is confirmed, OR
+ You will receive a message regarding the waitlist if the day(s) you need are full.
+ Texts will be responded to during our office hours: 6:30-10:30 am and 4-7 pm.
+ Dogs will receive spaces in the order the texts are received, so don’t wait for office hours to reach out!

Our landline is still 206 782.4321 and rings in the playroom as well as the office. This is the best number for any topic other than advance reservations, including day-of reservations, updates on your dog’s day,  and any other questions.

+ Please text your reservations and receive confirmation before showing up at the door. It is very awkward to turn people away at the door on the days we are running a waitlist.
+ Cancelling reservations by 6:30pm the night before allows us a chance to call dogs off the waitlist. People waiting for a spot will be very thankful!
+ If cancelling the night before is not possible, please cancel by 10 am the day of. Cancellations that come in after 10 am will not prevent your dog from ending up on the dreaded “No Show” list.
+ Those who consistently end up on the “No Show” list will lose the ability to reserve days in advance and will need to call in every morning they would like a spot.


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    Please list dates you wish to reserve, cancel or be waitlisted for. If you are reserving both full and short days, just specify which dates will be morning or afternoon short days. If you want to get on the wait list, please give us your contact number and what time you would need to know by if a spot opens up.
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