Basic Manners

(5 months and older)

You and your dog don’t always share the same goals. You want to walk to the cafe, your dog wants to stop to smell the roses. You want your dog to sit to say “hi” to your ornery neighbor, your dog wants to stick his tongue up her nose.You want to leave a dead squirrel on the ground, your dog wants to take it home as a souvenir. It takes practice to work together as a team.

Build a more functional dog-human team by taking Basic Manners together. This class helps dogs learn better manners by helping people learn to be clearer communicators and more effective trainers. After all, a dog can’t change his behavior until his human changes, too!

Skills covered in class include leash manners, polite greetings, come, leave-it, stay, sit, down and drop it. You will work inside the Fuzzy Buddy’s training space as well as venture outside to strengthen your dog’s ability to hear you around distractions.

This class is appropriate for older puppies, dogs who need to brush up on their skills, and dogs who are bonding with a new owner. It is also appropriate for anyone who feels frustrated by their dog’s behavior or just wants to learn more about modern training techniques.

Small class sizes allow for social distancing. Masks are required for human participants, even those who are vaccinated.

$210- includes 6 classes with your dog, clicker, and informative handouts

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