Puppy Good Start Program

for puppies 8-18 weeks at start of class


We are putting Fuzzy Buddy’s Puppy Good Start on hold for the remainder of the summer. 

Due to clients travel schedules and other conflicts we have not had consistent enough attendance to run each class.

We are aiming to start class up again on Tuesday, September 14th.

If you are interested in signing up for class, please send in your application with your start date. This class series is 6 weeks long but you can start any week. Please inquire with the trainer if you cannot commit to the six sessions.

We will be allowing dogs over the age of 18 weeks to participate in this class temporarily if approved by the Trainer.
*** Dogs over the age of 18 weeks may have an alternative activity during group play time depending on their confidence and social skill.

If you need training before we begin classes in September Brooklyn is giving a discount for their private training sessions. Usually priced at 120.00 for the hour but is offering 75.00 for the hour for any dog under the age of 7 months.

Brooklyn Marie: Brooklynhmarie@gmail.com, 425 223 8303 (TEXT ONLY) 

Tuesday evenings, 7:15-8:15
$180 for 6 class meetings
Full tuition includes a free harness- a $18-40 value!

* Preregistration is required and ensures we have class materials ready for you on your first day.
* Puppies can start 10 days after their first round of DHLPP (or equivalent) vaccinations.
* All family members, including children, are welcome to come!
* Small class sizes to allow for social distancing
* Masks required  (even if you are vaccinated)

Enroll Online

Puppies are wonderful but overwhelming, endearing but challenging, easy to love but completely frustrating at times. Socialization and behavior guidance is essential to shape your pup into a well-behaved and confident adult dog.

Socialization helps your pup learn to feel safe around all the different people, places, dogs, sounds, and objects in our busy, urban world. Behavior guidance teaches your pup that calm, polite behavior is the key to getting access to all good things.

The trainers at Fuzzy Buddy’s have developed a thorough puppy training program to help you succeed in raising a dog who is well-socialized and fun to live with. We’ve designed homework and class exercises that encourage good canine and human habits from the beginning.

Class exercises include:

  • Handling experiences: Different ways of being touched by different people to help your pup get comfortable with all the crazy, sometimes rude, things that vets, groomers, kids, visitors, and strangers will want to do to him in the coming years.
  • Calm behaviors: Behaviors like “Wait” and “Sit” will help your dog practice self control.
  • Polite greetings: Jumping up to say “Hi” is often reinforced by the happy humans who want to meet your cute puppy. We’ll practice four-on-the-floor greetings and work toward an automatic sit-to-greet.
  • Socialization: Exposure to new sights, sounds, people and dogs will expand your pup’s comfort in the world. Fearful pups will get special coaching as we increase their confidence.
  • Supervised puppy play times: Both humans and puppies will get feedback and coaching on good puppy play manners.
  • Basic manners: Skills such as leave it, drop it, and walking politely on leash will be practiced.
  • Help with common challenges: Guidance will be provided for handling puppy biting, house-training issues, and chewing.

$180 for 6 class meetings
Full tuition includes a free harness- a $18-$40 value!!

Preregistration is required and ensures we have class materials ready for you on your first day.


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