Dog Body Language

(for humans only)

This class is $50 and runs 2.5 hours long.
Confused by your dog’s behavior?  Worried about the way other dogs respond to your dog?  Scared by how strange dogs approach you or your dog?  Learning how to read the often subtle signals dog use to communicate will help you understand all dogs better.  Best of all, when you understand the messages they are sending you, you be able to use YOUR body language to diffuse tension or help scared dogs feel safer.

Dogs communicate a great deal of information with their body movements and postures.  Much of their subtle signaling is easy to miss unless you know what to watch for.  Body language will tell you if a dog is stressed or comfortable, ready to interact, ready to fight, or ready to flee.  Body language will often alert you to trouble long before any sounds like growls or whines tell you something is wrong.

Over 90 slides and videos illustrating dog body language will introduce you to the wonderful world of dog body language.  You will never look at dogs the same again!  You may even find that behavior that appeared to happen “without warning” was actually preceded by multiple signals. Take home an extensive handout that will be your “field guide” to dog body language.

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