Your dog needs fun!

Fuzzy Buddy’s IS dog fun!

Your dog’s social life can be better than your own!

WE ARE OPEN WEEKDAYS 6:30am to 7pm
For Daycare, Trial Days, and Retail Sales!

We hope to see all your pups again soon! Call or email to get on our schedule. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for cute dog antics!

COVID-19 Protocol Changes to ensure safety of all:

+ Keep six foot social distance in the parking lot!
+ At drop off, hand your dog to staff at the door. We will sanitize our hands and the door area before grabbing another dog.
+ We will call for payment over the phone. You may also bring in a check or cash.
+ When picking up your dog, you may stay outside while we fetch your dog for you. If you feel it is safest to be handed your leashed dog in the lobby, please come in!!!! Wear a mask if you plan to come in the lobby.
+ You may come in the lobby to make retail purchases. Only one client in the lobby at a time and please wear a mask if you plan to enter.
+ You may call in to pay for retail purchases and we will have the items ready for you when you pick up your dog.

Our doorknobs and door area is disinfected between each client, as well as office staffs’ hands. Playroom staff are also regularly washing hands. It would be very difficult to go for more than five minutes in the playroom without needing a hand wash due to the messy nature of the work!


This is a tenuous time for all small business in Seattle. We recognize that many of our clients want a way to help us get through this even if they can’t physically bring their dog to play.

Some clients have asked that we continue punching already purchased passes for their dog’s regularly reserved days.  We will gratefully accept any offers to  be added to this list for the duration of the stay-at-home order.

Another way to help: Purchasing product!
We have Osopure dog food, yummy treats, fun toys, CBD oils and supplements, probiotics, and more essentials for your pup. Why risk going to a busy, big box pet supply store when you can come to Fuzzy Buddy’s and be the only shopper in our easy-to-disinfect store! You can also shop by phone and arrange for a pick up time. 

Best wishes for all to stay healthy and for our city to settle calmly into whatever New Normal is created by this crisis. We love your pups and can’t wait to be together again!

CLASS UPDATES: Puppy Classes Cancelled Until Further Notice!!!

Come in for a Trial Day!

Your dog’s first day of dog daycare is only $40; just check out our health and temperament requirements to find out more. If you need questions answered or wish to contact us, give us a call (206) 782 – 4321 or send us an email.

Hours: 6:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Address: We are located at 10907 Aurora Avenue North in North Seattle.

Effective Dog Training Classes

We are committed to positive-reinforcement training methods in our dog training classes and in our dog daycare playroom. This fun and effective training method strengthens your relationship with your dog and teaches him how to be a polite family member. Group classes are ongoing. Check out our dog training class information section for details, dates, and group class times.